Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Last week I blogged about a handmade gift exchange that I attended and showcased all the items that my friends brought. Today I'm sharing the gift that I brought! I love making seasonal home decor items.  It's so fun to bring out special handmade items with the changing of each season and holiday. 

I made a simple butterfly terrarium in a mason jar. This craft is less than $5 to make, only requires 4 materials and can be made in 5 easy steps! 

Step 1 // Cut your 3" foam ball in half. 

Step 2 // Cut a small piece of your sheet moss to the size of your foam ball. 

Step 3 // Hot glue the moss all around the ball to conform to the ball and then hot glue the ball half to the mason jar lid. 

Step 4 // Stick in your butterflies to the moss ball. My butterflies came attached to wire. I just pushed the wire right into the foam ball. 

Step 5 // Stick your foam ball with butterflies into the jar and tighten the lid! It's that easy!! 

I added these free printable tags to my terrariums to handout at the gift exchange. 

To see past 6th Street DIY projects check out this Pinterest board


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