Thursday, October 11, 2012

Next up in our Dream Nurseries Series is a beautiful and bright board designed by Lauren Hufnagl from the blog A Lovely Lark. Lauren's blog is full of pretty and beautiful things. She is great at finding and sharing the cutest items for children on her blog so I was delighted that she agreed to be a part of this series. Here is how she describes her "dream nursery". 

"Hi, I'm Lauren of A Lovely Lark where I share my love of all things little, inspired of course by my own sweet little two-year-old girl, Violet. First of all I want to thank Kirsten for having me here on Sixth Street Design School and say congratulations on your new little bundle! When Kirsten asked me to come up with my dream nursery, the infinite possibilities swirled through my head. I could have gone in so many directions, but I decided to go with what I'm really in love with right now, and that is COLOR. If I had another little one, I'd love to have a room with clean white walls and warm wood floors, because the possibilities for colorful and fun accessories are just endless. 

If you're looking for color inspiration, there is no better place to start than with original art, and no artist's colors are quite as amazing as Lulie Wallace. My other two places to find vibrant pieces are Castle and Anthropologie, where I found the perfect piece of embroidered (heart) art and the most beautiful embroidered curtains. Even in a child's space you can go overboard pretty quickly on saturated colors, so I've also chosen a lot of white and soft neutrals to balance things out. 

Most of the items I've chosen ended up being fairly attainable as far as cost (with a little saving), but it's a dream nursery, right?! So there are a few splurges in there. I've been dreaming of this amazing tent daybed for months now. Although in reality it will never be mine it was my big splurge for this dream space. It would be the perfect space for tummy time, play time, story time, and of course to curl up and snuggle for naps. Sigh, perhaps a DIY? Thank you again to Kirsten for giving me the opportunity to create such a fun project. I hope you're soaking up your free days with your little sweetie!"

Thanks Lauren


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